We're building the
insurance platform of the future

Whether we’re talking about multi-tenancy, reporting or AI, DAIS can simply do things no other system can do.

The industry is shifting, and we are excited for it.

Our multi-tenant cloud insurance platform is built with the latest tech and designed to evolve with innovation.
Cloud infrastructure
Omni-channel communication engine

Built to connect and integrate you with your partners, DAIS provides a secure, connected way for you to work together seamlessly. 

Data ingestion

DAIS’s configuration based data ingestion allows us to pull in new data sets without deploying code. Data quality is at the core of our data ingestion to ensure good data.  Metrics and monitoring is tethered to our pipelines so nothing goes unchecked.

Leveraging 100% cloud infrastructure allows DAIS to be available, reliable and scalable.  No more on prem solutions that require you to be the expert.  It allows DAIS to handle the technology while you run your business.

Data lake

DAIS has a scalable data lake that supports petabytes of data. This allows customers access to rich data sets for application data as well as usage statistics. Democratizing data allows DAIS and it’s customers the ability to learn and act on previous insights.

With collaboration, notifications, and email interception in a real-time websocket powered and secure platform, you can communicate faster and more effectively about the work being done. 

API focused

Everything is API backed! No more closed off systems requiring armies of consultants.  API’s allow us to rapidly integrate or augment your current solutions.

OCR Engine

A powerful and customizable OCR engine, allowing users to manage templates and rapidly turn unstructured data into structured data so you can act on it.

Take full advantage of your data to do incredible things.

DAIS Copilot AI eliminates repetitive work and powers your decision-making with our unique and powerful data assets.

Decision Augmentation

With data validation and tools that help you know what to do next, we help you know what to focus on and help you do the most valuable work.


Our data ingestion and validation means less time entering information.

Reporting and analytics

From underwriters and CSRs to principals and owners, we’re using our unique data assets to give you more visibility into your work and company.

Workflow engine

A transformative way to organize, move, and finish your work by unifying business processes and technology.

Carrier rating connected to your policies and agencies

The DAIS Rating Engine transforms how you manage your insurance products, giving you insight not only to how they’re doing but also how they compare. Powered by DAIS Copilot, you can simulate changes and see the effect on your current book and view predicted performance in the market. 
The DAIS Rating Engine is integrated with our platform, so updates and changes are connected directly to your distribution channels for fast and easy updating.

We’re built to move incredibly fast.

DAIS.Hub is our all-in-one, continuous integration and delivery system. With tracking of code coverage and integrated testing, it means we deliver the highest quality code super fast.

Got questions?

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