There's Never Been An


This Powerful

We've built a platform for insurance from the ground up, made up of a suite of microservices that work together to create brand new capabilities.

Dynamic, configurable question and answer service to interactively collect all kinds of data (exposure, behavioral, risk improvement, and user demographic data) and trigger new workflows such as up-selling and cross-selling.

Customized messaging based on user role and persona data to deliver customized user experiences in communication.

A real-time reporting service with intelligent caching and aggregation to scale to large data sets and combine API’s with other data access methods.

Secure multi-party collaboration, document exchange, and notifications

Security and authentication that can be federated across multiple platforms

A machine that translates between data types. Quotes, policies, and loss runs, policy certificates, and custom applications. A two-way door that extracts data and populates forms.

Smart data pipes for integration with third-party systems such as agency management systems, rating systems, IoT data providers, and third-party exposure data providers

Workflow data and automation for the complex workflows required by this industry.

An email server that allows users to participate in workflows via email. When combined with Scope, can extract data from emailed files attached to existing communication.

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