Jason Kolb


Jason was most recently the founding CTO of Uptake, Forbes' Hottest Startup of 2015. He has a deep technical background in microservice architecture, big data, predictive analytics, and practical experience in deploying these technologies in the field. 

Jason started his career by writing a programming book when he was 16, and founded one of the first Web-based analytics products on the market, Latigent, that was eventually acquired by Cisco. In early 2014, Jason joined Brad Keywell as the founding CTO and #2 employee of Uptake, where he built out the technical leadership team,  personally recruited the first sprint teams, and built out security, devops, IT, and engineering. He also designed the initial architecture for the Uptake platform and personally led its build-out. He left Uptake in early 2016 and began working on a new project.

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