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Google Data Added to Submissions

Internet of Insurance 4.0 is coming this week! And, one of the incredible new features that’s coming with the release is the integration of Google data into the app. Here’s a preview:

Adding Photos and Street View

Pictures tell a huge part of the story of a business, and with photos from Google Maps and Street View now integrated into the application, we’re helping you understand your business better.

Adding Map View

Still questioning exactly where that business is located? Now, the Internet of Insurance can answer that question right away, right in the app.

Adding Retail Information

Hours and industry tags provide a wealth of information about the company; now we’re bringing that information to the forefront so you don’t have to search for it.

Internet of Insurance 4.0

This is an exciting release for us, and we’re going to be introducing additional features over the next few days leading up to the release, so stay tuned!

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