Agent Creates a Client

Going into the IOI Copilot, the agent can create a new client and attach documents to that client. Those documents can then be included with any submission to a carrier for that client. 


Select the
“Create New Client” button

On the dashboard page of the IOI copilot, click the green box that says “Create New Client”.  


Enter the client information and specify an industry

First enter the basic information about the client; their name, address, and industry.


The industry field is a NAICS based industry list you can select from. You can also type in a code if you know it, or search for an industry by keyword.


Upload files and save client

You’ll notice a gray box with a dotted outline. You can drag and drop files into this area to upload them. Alternately, you can click the words “choose a file” to select files on your computer to upload.


Typically agents upload accord forms and supplemental documents here.

The agent clicks “Save Client” to complete this step.


Complete client information

Once the client has been created, the agent can, create a submission, add additional information, or upload additional documents. 


Now, you can choose to return to the "Overview" or select "Creates a Submission" to continue learning about the Internet of Insurance process.

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