Underwriter Quotes the Policy

Using the IOI Copilot or through email, underwriters can review the documents and data attached to a submission and return a quote to the agent. 


Underwriters Receive an Email with a Link to Your Submission 

Each underwriter from the appointed carriers you chose to market to will receive an email with a submission notification and a link to the submission details.


Full Transparency of the Submission Status

Receive status updates as the underwriters work on the submission. No more wondering “what’s the status of this submission?”. The underwriters can collaborate with the agent within the IOI  to get their questions answered or to request additional information when needed. 


Underwriters quote the policy

When the underwriters are finished reviewing the submission details, they will send you a quote either through of form provided in the IOI, or by email. Once the policy as been quoted, you will be notified by email, and the quote status for each carrier quote will show “Quoted” . 

Now, you can choose to return to the "Overview" or select "Review Quotes" to continue learning about the Internet of Insurance process.

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