Agent Review Storefront Submission

After the submission is created, the agent reviews the quote and decides to bind an instant quote or market the account. 


Locate the Account on Your Leads Page in the IOI Copilot

Every time a client asks for more quotes or selects a quote using your Agency Storefront, that account will show up on your leads page.

Here you see who was automatically quoted, who selected a quote to bind, and if they didn’t receive a quote. 

You can also search the list or sort it to find the accounts you’re looking for. 

When you find it, just click the blue name in the far left column to navigate to that account. 


Review the Customer Information, and Decide to Market or Bind the Quote

The submission page shows you all the information that the customer added through your Agency Storefront, and you can review it here. 

You can then confirm with the customer their decision to purchase or decide to market the account to other carriers. 


Promote the Customer to a Client to Continue to Binding or Marketing

By clicking the gray "Promote to Client" button to the right of the customer name, the agent adds the customer to their book of business. 


To Bind the Automated Quote, Click the "Bind in Carrier Portal" Button 

If the agent and customer decide to go with the automated quote, then the agent can finish the binding process by clicking the green "Bind in Carrier Portal" button. 

Once bound in the IOI Copilot and in the Carrier Portal, you’ll be able to work the account they way you would any other. 


To Market the Submission to Additional Carriers, Click the "Submissions" Tab

The "Submissions" tab is located under the customer name, to the right of the "Summary" tab. The agent can view all the active submissions for this policy by clicking on the tab. 

The submissions tab shows all active submissions for a customer along with the status per carrier.  


To Add a Carrier,
Click the "Add Carrier" Button and Select a Carrier

located to the right of the reference number along with other submission specific actions, clicking the "add carrier" button opens a popover where the agent can add additional carriers. 

Clicking the dropdown will open up the list of all the carriers the agency is appointed with within the Internet of Insurance. The agent can select the carrier they wish to market the account to using the dropdown. 


Select the Email Address to Send the Submission to

Once a carrier is selected, the agent can click on the checkbox next to the email address or addresses they wish to send the submission to. clicking the "Save" button will send that carrier the submission. 

To add additional carriers, just repeat step 5b and 6b. 

Alternatively, agents can also create a new submission to market the account. 


Otherwise, the account is then sent to the underwriter who will review and quote it. 

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