Agent Markets the Submission

After the submission is created, the agent reviews the quote and gathers any additional needed information from the customer and adds it into the IOI Copilot.


Market to Multiple Carriers

During the account creation process, you or someone else told us who your appointed carriers are. When marketing a submission through the IOI, you simply check the box next to the name of each carrier you would like to market to. Those will be the carriers who receive this submission.


Select Recipient

On the next page, you’ll select the underwriters for each carrier you are marketing to. No typing needed, just check the box!


Review and Submit

Before going to market, you will be given the opportunity to review all the information that will be sent. You will also see the carriers and each underwriter who will be receiving the submission. Make any changes you need to right on this page. When everything looks good, Click the “Submit” button. 

Now you can return to the “Overview” or select “Quote the policy” to learn about the next step of the Internet of Insurance process.

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