Customer Creates a Submission

By using the agencies storefront, customers can enter the needed information for a quote and receive quotes from any connected carrier.


Enter or Locate the Basic Business Information

When a user enters the business phone number, we can locate the business address and name and prefill it so they don’t have to.

Alternatively, the user can click “Enter business details manually” to add the basic information manually. 


Select a Coverage Start Date and Specify Industry

Using the date picker, select the date that you need the policy to start on. 

The industry field is a NAICS based industry list that you can type codes in, search by keyword, or use as a dropdown.


Select the Needed LOBs/Coverages for the Business

With brief descriptions of the lines of business(LOBs) offered, the user can select what the LOBs they need for the business.


Answer the Questions for the LOBs Selected

Using the text fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes, answer the user answers all the questions created by the system. 

These questions are then passed into the IOI copilot where agents can market the account to other carriers, and they’re sent to automated carriers to receive an instant quote. 


Enter the Contact Information for the Account

Providing the contact information enables us to provide updates on the account and gives the contact person the ability to come back to the application to see updates. 


Review Instant Quotes and See Additional Carrier appointments

Using the information that was entered, the system sends out for instant quotes from the automated carriers and displays the results here. 

A user can then select one of the instant quotes provided, state that they want to additional quotes, review their answers, or start a new quote. 


Select a Quote or Request Additional Quotes

If a user selects a quote or requests additional quotes, the submission and account are added to the “StoreFront Leads" page of the IOI Copilot. The agent can review the account there and determine next steps. 


To continue learning about the Internet of Insurance process, you can go back to the "Overview" and select the step you’re interested in or continue to "Account Review" page.

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