Be the Connector

We are focused on people and the all important connections we have to each other. Insurance is all about connections and we’re here to make those connections better. 

The Internet of Insurance is:

A collectively owned network

We are not a startup; we are not a company. We are a network of people and organizations impatient for the future who are contributing our time, insight, influence, and technology to push the industry forward. We are a network of agents, carriers, technology companies, and regulators owned by our members.

Your trusted partner

We are equipping the industry with the tools to digitize their businesses and connect with others so insurance can be faster, more profitable, and better for everyone.

A prosperous future

Selling insurance is hard, but we’re making it easy to do in a differentiated way. We’re giving agents a one stop shop for submitting and connecting with carriers; giving carriers a centralized location to review, compare, and collaborate around submissions; and giving customers a unique connection to their agents.

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