Storefronts are live, new control panel, and interactive emails!

April 1, 2020

This is a big release! Storefronts are now live with our first group of agencies, we’ve released a new control panel for the IOI, and we’ve built out a whole new email engine that enables a user to assign an underwriter, review a quote, and quote, all through email. This enhances the experience for all the users in the network. 


  • Storefront - clients can now complete their applications on their own and at any time, that information is then available for the agency to review and work on. 


  • Interactive emails - we’ve more closely aligned to the current workflow that carriers use, making onboarding and use easier for underwriting. 


  • New control panel - agents can manage their users, carrier appointments, and storefront.


  • Storefront leads page - agents can manage their leads that have come in through their agency storefront.


The features we’ve released are foundations for our future and we have a lot on the horizon to improve this tool for our users. This is a huge step forward and we’re excited to continue building this amazing tool for the insurance industry. 


Alongside these key features, we’ve also done several quality of life improvements and bug fixes. 

Agency Storefront

Agency Storefront

Agency storefronts are giving all agencies the ability to compete digitally and become digital agencies. Now customers can start the intake process whenever and wherever they like, and agents can come alongside to help them find the right place to get their insurance. 

There are a whole lot of incredible features in storefronts; to get an idea of how they work please take a look at the introduction to the agency storefront.

Carrier Copilot

Interactive Emails

We make quoting a submission easier and quicker for carriers; instead of underwriters having to adapt to us, we are adapting to them and how they’re used to quoting - by email. 


Now the email that goes out when a carrier is sent a submission contains all of the information they need to quote the policy. This includes any documents attached to the submission.

Carrier Copilot

Quote by Documents

One of the key enhancements is the ability to quote and bind to documents. Now, an underwriter can send their quote proposal via email into the system and the agent can bind to that document. 

Agency Copilot

IOI Control Panel

The IOI control panel is where agencies can set up their accounts for the Internet of Insurance. As part of the initial onboarding, an agent goes to the control panel and is able to set up their storefront, appoint carriers and manage their agency codes, and create user accounts for their agency.  


After onboarding, the control panel lets users make edits to appointments, users, and their storefront. 

Agency Copilot

Copilot Lead Pages

When a customer completes a submission through the agency storefront, their submission is added the IOI Copilot as a lead on the leads page. From the leads page, agents can sort and review the leads, view the details of a lead, and promote a lead into the book of business. 

For more information on the leads page, please take a look at the introduction to the copilot leads page.

Usability Enhancements

Minor Improvements

  • Users can now preview documents (image/pdf) sent in a submission

  • Desired start date is pre-populated when starting a new policy

  • Coverages are preselected when starting a new submission 

  • Decline Reason is now shown when an agent declines a quote

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