The platform purpose—built to help drive insurance forward

Powering the Internet of Insurance, ClaimsHub, FirstStack PDF Interchange, and Project Turing.

What is it?

It is a cloud based, vertically integrated platform and houses numerous apps that make insurance agencies and carriers easier to do business with across the complex insurance life cycle. 


Making it easy for agents to attract new business and send submissions for any line to any carrier.

Everything you need to give your customers a wonderful claims experience in their time of need.

FirstStack PDF Interchange

Turn PDF documents into data in real-time, and easily add new forms as they’re encountered.

Stealth Project

Project Turing

Insurance is constantly evolving as the people who drive it, the producers, customer service representatives, and underwriters demand more for the customers that they take care of. Project Turing is in response to their needs and the needs of their customers, it sees the evolution of insurance into an integrated risk platform.

DAIS and the Internet of Insurance

The Internet of Insurance has to exist for independent agencies to survive and then thrive in our evolving world. Agency associations like the Big I, forward looking carriers, independent agencies, and DAIS all came together to make the Internet of Insurance happen.


DAIS and the Internet of Insurance are two distinct legal entities that work closely together to bring the Internet of Insurance network to market.

How does the Internet of Insurance make money?

The Internet of Insurance is a collectively owned distribution network. It was originally designed around block chain technology, but the flexibility of defined corporate structure allowed the network to launch more rapidly, scale more intuitively, and align with the regulated nature of insurance, while preserving the key characteristic as an alignment mechanism for its owners.


The network’s business model is simple: the network gets paid a nominal fee for outcomes that help carriers transact business more efficiently and accurately. Agencies that partner with their local Big I associations don’t pay for the fee since it helps to bring a two-sided marketplace into being and drive efficiency for everyone. The internet of Insurance is even donating portions of its ownership to groups that help advance the industry because this is so important.

See why DAIS is transforming insurance with help from the producers, underwriters, and CSRs that make it run

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